I never said I was politically correct

Rejected headline: Yes, kids, even YOU can buy a crack house

*updated twice*

I went to Urban Outfitters’ website to purchase the newest game sweeping the nation, Ghettopoly, but “Due to customer concerns, we no longer sell the game.”

That’s OK — I visited our fine friends at Ghettopoly.com and found, in addition to the item I wanted: Hoodopoly, Hiphopopoly, Thugopoly and Redneckopoly, which are currently in development and on my holiday shopping list (particularly Redneckopoly — as a former Pittsburgher, I shall easily win any game!).

Sure, the masses are crying about how horrible this game is supposed to be, but I worked in the buttcrack of the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh, where my brand-new car was attacked by gang members when she was two months old. Not to mention the, um, array of people adorning the streets and either whistling at, throwing up on, or slurring toward you as you scurried from your building to your car down the street.

All this hype is SO making me want to buy a game pronto. Seriously, no media hype = nobody really wants it. But all these groups had to make waves, so now, demand is up. Oh, these are gonna be worth some serious money someday — if you do buy it, don’t even open it. Sell it in a decade for cash mon-ay!!!


It’s on backorder till Nov. 10. And shipping was $9, but what the hell, right? 😉 I want it just for the little smokey-tree shaped “playa” piece!!!

This just in

They even have a Cafe Shop! Get yer ghetto thong!!!

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