I need a nap … and a comma

Oh, my hormones are SO in flux right now! I swear, I’m retaining more water than the damn Potomac.

But in great news, Samantha is squeaky clean. There was actually a policeman directing traffic into the car wash’s two lines, that’s how badly we were all dying to clean the sand and salt from our precious vehicles. I ended up sneaking in at a good time — Samantha’s little fin only hung out onto South Van Dorn for a few minutes, but the cars behind me were actually backed up into the intersection with Edsall.

I was also fortunate that, when I pulled out of the wash, there was a space for me to dry the car and then vacuum it. I love having a clean car. Samantha doesn’t take kindly to dirt. I can’t afford the car payments, but damn it, I always have $10 to spare for a wash. Always. I love her indigo metallic paint, although it seems that people with white cars like to slam open their doors against her. I swear, I have more white scratches/dings than there are days in the year, and Samantha is barely a year old.

She is very angry that I have her here at work today, but I may leave soon. I forgot my glasses, and even though I have the fonts maximized enough for the visually impaired to see clearly, well, it ain’t working for me. I do, though, love being here when no one else is around (although Howard caught me cleaning my windows in his parking space. lol), and my office is just so damned clean and neat and pretty. The apartment is a disgrace again, but ask me if I’ll have time this weekend to get it back on track. Um, nope. I’m ready to take all the dishes from the sink and the dishwasher and throw them out. ‘Cause that’s what Mom does!

At any rate, I hate working on a Saturday (so, obviously, I’m not!). Demure told me to go home on time last night and reminded me that the heat is on in the office on Saturdays, not Sundays, so that I should come in today. Argh.

I have to admit, though, I screwed them good. (A retaliatory screw, mind you.) IKEA Boy’s dramatic departure left me in charge of this fiasco, and well, I kind of twirled my hair and played dumb when they asked me if I could do the layout of the Veggie Patch Gazette. I, of course, said I thought I could but that I’d really need help. LOL. Now that I am only getting a lousy $500 bonus check when I put the issue to bed, fuck that crap. I’ve done more than $500 worth of extra work during the past two weeks. So, what they did, they hired a graphic designer for a figure that includes a comma. So, he gets a comma for two days of work, and I get less than half of what he’s getting for three weeks of work. Let me make myself clear — FUCK THAT SHIT. My next tactic is to “suddenly” learn it and demand more money, which will probably flop, so maybe I should keep this other guy employed and start working at a NORMAL pace. 🙂

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