I Don’t Like Mondays Tuesdays

Well, this is priceless.

I recommended that my mom go with my car insurance company because it’s got the best prices around. So she met with my old agent yesterday, and she was pleased and signed with them immediately.

The bad news is that she was told that Insurance Company canceled my policy on Aug. 7. Yes, canceled. As in, “Oh, sorry you’re driving 495, 395 and 95 and nearly lose your life every day because of moronic drivers, but you’re not covered.”


I called Insurance Company’s Richmond headquarters to pitch a bitch. Apparently, my policy was canceled because I moved out of Pittsburgh. I said, look, that’s nice and all, but they’ve been sending my bills down here for the past year-plus, and nobody EVER indicated that my policy was invalid once I left Pennsylvania. Not to mention, but I NEVER RECEIVED CORRESPONDENCE TO THIS EFFECT. All I got was a letter last week to tell me that my renter’s insurance was canceled … nobody ever said word one about the car insurance.

The gal at the Richmond office noted that I don’t have any pending claims. I snarked, “Well thank GOD — who’da thought that my insurance company decided not to insure me even though I’ve PAID them to!”

She told me to find a local rep. I told her to pick a fucking name out of a hat and give me a phone number. So I called a local agent and just left a message. Sweet jesus on a pogo stick. It’s pretty bad that I wouldn’t have even KNOWN I wasn’t insured, had not my old agent told my MOM that my policy went buh-byes.

And it’s not even that I want to reward their bad behavior, but at least my VIN and all that pesky detailed information is in their system. I hate details. Hate ’em with a passion. I want them to punch in my old account number and send me a bill. Cripes — how rare is it that you WANT to spend money with a company and they REFUSE it?!?!

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