I could kill someone

After spending half the day waiting for my *new* insurance rep to call me, I called someone else.

Initially, I was informed that I can’t have my policy renewed, because it’s been canceled for two months. It could only be renewed if it were within 30 days, which blows because I didn’t KNOW until yesterday that my car insurance was gone without my consent.

I can, of course, and WILL at this point, go with another insurance provider, but I will be a higher risk — and therefore have to pay a higher fee — because I’VE HAD NO INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR MORE THAN TWO MONTHS.

Oh, I’m sure you know you can’t get your car inspected without insurance coverage. And don’t forget the DMV’s Uninsured Motorist Fee during lapsed months.

I called both my old agent and my new agent and went apeshit. In fact, while I was on with my OLD agent (who told me I’m pretty much SOL and it’s my own fault), the NEW agent called someone else in that office, who said that my coverage is good until tomorrow.

So together, my new agent and I called Insurance Company’s Big Headquarters, and that office confirmed that I’m covered through tomorrow.

My colleague insists that the sudden change in tune on the part of Insurance Company could be my simple, firm, “Fine, if I’ve been canceled, then send my refund, because I pre-paid for months my policy was supposedly expired.” Heh. Suddenly, they say I’ve had coverage all along. Ah, the sweet threat of making them part with money works every time! 😉

So, I’ve had knots in my stomach and shoulders all fucking day. And I will have a new policy — with a new carrier — tomorow. Hurrah.

I can’t take any more bullshit. I really can’t. Some area of my life needs to go smoothly, ’cause my sense of humor has been severely tested during the past three months (moving, surgery, hospital hell, insurance, etc.).

God, I need to get laid.

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