I put in a very tense half-day today. The payment situation was promised to be resolved, not without a few meetings, though, by tomorrow. Still no newspaper in-hand. The print shop is ready to kill me, because today was to be press day. My superiors are ready to kill me for what they view as an overreaction to a late check that they say isn’t late. So I figured I’m already high up on everyone’s shit list, so Angie and I took off in the afternoon for some well-deserved retail therapy at Wallyworld and Kohl’s, where we found a shitload of sale items. I haven’t been shopping in weeks, so it was great to fuck off the afternoon after a horrid staff luncheon with Princess Fatass.

Nothing more to say today. I’m just tired and frustrated. When I dropped Angie off at her car a half hour ago, I saw Demure!TM’s car was still there. Shit. We had left our stuff in our offices, but we didn’t want to be seen, so we figured, well, we have our keys and wallets; go home and face the consequences for disappearing tomorrow. Not like we had anything to do, had we stayed.

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