Hippie chick

On a complete whim, I just bought a beige suede jacket that screams “Flower Child!” It’s very Janis Joplin or Joni Mitchell — it’s got neat criss-cross stitching on the bottom of it and along the sleeves, and it ties in two places in the front with long beige strings. I spent way too much on it, but I love it.

Lately, people at work have been commenting about how different I look. Yeah, I’ve actually been putting on makeup and doing something with my hair once in awhile. I stopped getting my nails done, though, so I am trying to wear stuff with pockets so I can hide them. 🙂 I’ll get back to it soon, but I just haven’t had the time to actually sit in a chair for an hour and get them manicured.

I’ve been revisiting my black clothing a lot, and I bought a lil medieval-inspired black top today just for giggles. And I also purchased one in red, because I’m just ridiculous like that.

I felt like I was dressed for a funeral last night, in my all-black outfit (save for a white collar and cuffs) to go to some photography showing at Vida in D.C. (The bar was decent, as was the photography, but it wasn’t a memorable experience, by any means). Shawn invoked my status as his interim “boyfriend” to accompany him and his roommate and his girlfriend out for the evening. Long story short, he actually had the hostess refund our admission price, as we were supposed to get food and a drink in our admission price, but we had neither. The bartender actually refused to honor the drink coupons because he ran out of whatever vodka they were promoting that night. WTF? I did buy a round of drinks, although it took them — and I’m not kidding here — 25 minutes to go find a fucking bottle of amaretto for my drink. E. Gads. And they didn’t even use the top-shelf variety either, and the bartender *only* made me pay $10 because I waited so patiently. Pfft.

I wrote a review about the experience on the Washington Post. In a few hours, you can click the Vida link in this post and go see pretty much the same shit I just wrote here. 🙂

We had dinner at Thai Tanic afterward. I tell ya, I can’t eat the spicy foods like I did before my surgery. My meal set my mouth on fire, and I drowned it in much water and in the uber-sweet Thai iced tea, which had more sweet cream in it than a cow in a sugar cane field. I like to refer to my entree as Bad Pad Thai. 🙂

OK, I am going to kill my other kitty, Maddie. Earlier, I alluded to the fact that Kadi had the runs between the litterboxes. Right this second, Maddie took a dump and just dragged her ass across the carpet — and it’s a chunky trail. Fuck around. Well, I need to go AGAIN to go clean up cat shit.

Anybody want some free pussy? Ya got three to choose from!!!!!!!!

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