That’s all. Nothin’ special. Just wide-eyed at this hour, like I usually am.

Watched movies and “Sex and the City” reruns for hours. The kitties each curled up on me and slept the whole time. I just had to wake the brats up so I could go pee. I’m sure that now, as I try to go to sleep, the little fuckers will be energized and will bounce off the walls all night. ‘Cause that’s what always happens.

Weep for me.

In better news, finally sent out invitations for my housewarming. Does that mean the apartment is remotely close to being ready for visitors? Oh hell no. Do I feel inclined to even cook for it? Not especially. I’ve been trying to plan a menu, but all I keep coming up with is hot buttered rum cider and beer. Of course, who needs anything else when you’ve got that? 😉

Perhaps it’s a good night for masturbation. Had the best session last night — took me no more than three minutes to explode. Damn, I’m good! Either that or the fantasy was particularly superb. But they usually are. 🙂 However, I’m lookin’ for some fresh material. What do YOU think about when you’re in need of release?!?!

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