Hi ho, Hi ho … to the Veggie Patch I go …

Two things to kick off my day:

1. Cruise Director of Club Medicated left me a ripping VM during the weekend. He turned in his corrections to the paper on Friday morning, when the paper had gone to bed Thursday night (as it always does and always has for the entire duration of his employment here). I’d informed him that while I appreciated his time, his corrections didn’t make it in because it was past the deadline, so moving forward, I will start placing a “need by” date on the proofs. So his return VM to me said, “My corrections obviously mean absolutely nothing (to you).” He went on to say he needs more than 24 hours to do a proof (um, this was the first month I was able to give him a proof on a Tuesday morning, to turn in Thursday). I am not overly concerned — my review sucked when I was supposedly doing a great job. He’s the worst offender with turning things in five days past the deadline, so maybe this will send a message that everybody’s deadlines really do impact each other.

2. Town Crier’s mother died. And while I would also be devastated if my own mother were gone, I have not one sympathetic bone in my body for Town Crier. Can she ever realize that she has burned and pissed off so many people that the whole group of us can’t collectively come up with an ounce of compassion to throw her way? I’m continuing my pattern of avoiding her, and I’m also breaking my tradition of always buying a sympathy card for a grieving colleague. I would hate to be as bitter and nasty as her — Personally, it would devastate me that, even in my time of need, my colleagues harbored so much pent-up hatred toward me that they couldn’t offer me a simple, “I’m sorry about your loss.” It’s very difficult to care about such an uncaring person, and it saddens me that I am as cold-hearted toward her as she is toward everyone.

Is it Friday yet?

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