This would be just my luck. The poor gal kissed her boyfriend, who had just eaten shellfish. The wtwist? She’s allergic to fish, and she went into shock and ended up in the E.R.

It reminded me of one of my favorite stories to tell. I worked for a hot sauce store a few years back, and this lovely older couple had told me about going out for a lovely hot-and-spicy dinner with their son and his fiancee. Well, the younger couple, after eating hot foods, went home and had oral sex, only what they didn’t know is that the oils from the peppers stay in your mouth for quite a few hours, and well … let’s just say that neither one of them could sit down for a day or so. Tee hee. I loved telling other customers about that — no oral sex after you eat peppers! Talk about havin’ a lil fire in your crotch. 🙂

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