Havin’ a day

I’m having neither a bad nor a wonderful day — just havin’ a day in general.

Dressed in a floor-length suit today. Fell on my ass once and slid a bunch more times near my car. Ended up ripping my dress on my car door (damn it!) in the tumble. Demure called to inquire about rescheduling my job interview, and I gladly accepted. I changed into a sweater in jeans the second I hung up the phone.

Work is chaotic — we are SO behind! I’m only sneaking this five-minute blog break before I go nuts again.

All I have to say is that my parking spot had BETTER be open when I get home — it took three hours-plus to dig it out, and I don’t want some dumbass who didn’t work as hard as I did to get my clean spot. I will be FURIOUS! I see why people put ladders and chairs in their spots — after you nearly give yourself a heart attack out there, that spot is yours. Period. And if someone IS in my spot, I am going door-to-door, hunting their asses down so I can throttle them.

I ran into Chuck today, my buddy in the complex who moved there from Pittsburgh two weeks after I did. He looked at me and said, “In Pittsburgh, they would’ve known what to do with this shit.” He’s so right — 16.7 inches of snow would have been a challenge, but not a huge one, for PennDOT. We wouldn’t have had such a mess to clean up, and frankly, our apartment complex could/should have done more to make the lot safer for us. And the drive to work was thankfully short but albeit unsafe. I sideswiped two snowdrifts in an effort to avoid pedestrians who had to walk in the roads due to lack of sidewalks being cleared. Painful. I dread seeing what I did to Samantha’s paint job during the last two days. But as long as I have my parking spot tonight, I won’t be TOO upset.

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