Haven’t I already spent enough money there?

In today’s hoe mail bag:

Dear Alumna:

Point Park College is now officially Point Park University. … You may be wondering how to acquire a new diploma that reflects Point Park’s new name. In October, you will receive information about purchasing a new diploma at the price of $30.”

Um, no I wasn’t wondering, and no, I am not spending $30 for another friggin’ diploma to collect dust in my bookcase with the other one. And am I the only one who finds it funny that their new acronym is PPU?


Of course, that wasn’t as bad as the other piece of mail I got from my alma mater today — an application to study with the Radio City Rockettes. Hah! I should apply. Watch me fall on my ass and snap those little twiggy dancers in half. 🙂 I know the Rockettes dance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade … I always figured, if I were ever in the parade, I could just be the Garfield float.

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