I keep saying I want to do better and be a better person. As if saying it out loud makes it so.

It’s been a very hard couple of days. Everything has been harder than it should be. It’s my fault for not moving my part along faster last week. As if fault can be assigned for prioritizing other urgent things. But the definition of urgent is a wide one. I know this.

Alas, things have come together. Finally. And I’m calling upon the heavens to help me show the grace that has been shown to me in the past … and for grace to be shown to me again for everything that didn’t get the love it deserved in the meantime.

I feel a massive shift is coming. I’m trying not to fear it. But I’m at the point where I have a great team … I kind of sort of don’t hate where I live … the car is fine *knock on wood* … Mom isn’t at her best but not her worst … and the cat is sickly but in good spirits … and this is the best combination of circumstances I’ve ever had in my life.

Lord, let me enjoy the peace while I have it.

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