‘I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut’

I’m kicking it Old Testament tonight. Spending my second and final night in Cape Coral. Loving it and celebrating my decision to discover this cute little town. 

Also, wishing I weren’t totally swamped with work and could enjoy Memorial Day here instead of driving home to work and lose sleep.

The landlord’s newest Robert Palmer fake backup babe has called and texted every day. I’m ignoring her. They want me on a lease. I think they also want to raise the rent. I think they need to go fuck themselves. 

I don’t want them to know I am away. But I will tell twuntzilla that I needed to get a hotel because Islamic Caitlyn Jenner destroyed my sleep all week. And lol no, I am 100% not in favor of committing to 12 more months of that shit. 

I have the power here. That lease was up two months ago and they have three months’ worth of my money. Funny how no one is in a hurry to fix things or return a call or even call the HOA when I ask. But damn they can stalk me when they need something. 

Enjoy the feeling, jagoffs. 

I’m trying not to panic. I didn’t sleep again last night because of this. Thanks fuckers. 

There is no inventory where I have to be. But there are thousands of vacancies here in Cape Coral. And the prices are very good here. I say we work out a deal. 

God has blown the doors open, after all. It would be stupid of me to panic because there are no apartments available on the Treasure Coast when there are nothing but nice places to live here. 

I think a year away from that horrible area will do my heart a world of good. I figured I’d end up in Orlando but, you know. Maybe the year after this one. 

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