Eye candy

For the record, I just want to say that there are some HOT guys in Rockville, Md. (of all friggin’ places). At Shawn’s company holiday party last night (where I had the pleasure of hanging with the illustrious and ever-charming Scott), I was happily drooling all over myself and my $37 cocktail dress (which retailed around $200 — woo hoo, do I know how to shop for these things!). I’m not sure if the hot boys (other than my uber-attractive buddies) actually work at his company or whether they were guests of invitees, but I will certainly play nice and hope to be invited to future events there. *bats lashes*

Was home in time to watch the “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” video debut for “All Things Just Keep Getting Better.” I’m waiting for a remix to come out so that we can hear it in all the gay clubs from now till doomsday. 🙂 I was impressed that Wayne Isham was the director — he did about a gazillion of Bon Jovi’s videos, so he has all my respect. Although he really needed to do something about those sunglasses he wore. … 😉

Well, I curled my hair for the second day in a row. People think I have a job interview or something. I actually quit curling my hair more than a year ago, due to complaints from Upper McManagement that they didn’t like the way I look. As if they have ANY room to speak, but I shall digress before becoming too catty on this wondrous Hump Day (without the hump, of course!).

I sat in oodles upon oodles of traffic on the Beltway last night. I told Shawn that he’s the only person on earth for whom I would do that — and I looked like a dog’s ass when I got to said destination. *shudder* Thanks to the lovely Linda, I was able to get into the locked ladies’ room to apply about a pound and a half of makeup and to remove my tennis shoes (for driving), as the dress was designed for a gal in heels. So when I got my heels on, well, I couldn’t fasten the tiny buckles on each ankle strap because I just got a manicure and I can’t do shit with these claws. Luckily, Shawn saved the day and fastened the buckles for me, although not before a colleague caught him bowing at my feet. *swoon* All girls should have a man at their feet, even if only for a moment. It’s heavenly to be serviced. 😉

It was most excellent that I already knew a handful of people at the soiree, so it wasn’t like I was meeting EVERYBODY for the first time. In fact, a lot of these folks shall be at Shawn’s holiday party on Friday, so it will be good to see most of them again. Note that I say most. But alcohol shall prevail, and everybody is lovely when I’ve had alcohol. In fact, I should have some right now here at work, and maybe I wouldn’t have the damn crow’s feet I’ve recently acquired from glaring at my enemies. 🙂

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