Executive summary

I got “the” call from the apartment complex I’ve targeted. The holdup? My current and immediate past property management have not returned multiple calls to confirm my residence. Seriously. They said everything else is peachy keen, jellybean, and once they confirm that I have in fact paid multiple thousands of dollars to these places during the last four years, I’m good to go. In any event, they expect to give me a yes at the end of the week, so it’s a tentative yes right now. One wonders if this isn’t a sign from some higher power, but I am tired of fighting City Hall. I need to get on with my life here.

In other existential drama queen news, I spent my drive this morning thinking about someone I had the very good fortune to meet during one of my recent trips out of town. I suspected this person always existed and I was thrilled to make their acquaintance. I’ve seen/heard neither hide nor hair of said mythical creature since, which I sort of expected, but I was still awed to be in the presence of greatness. I only hope that my judgment was right about this one and I wasn’t just seeing a mirage. Time will tell, I suppose. But I miss them anyway.

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