It beats telling you about the meltdown I had in CVS 20 minutes ago …

Enh, what the hell — I ran to the drugstore for acetaminophen, couldn’t find any. Asked, in these words, “Where the fuck do you hide the Midol?” Only to be told they were out. Whereupon I promptly burst into tears and ran out.

On that note of TMI, it’s Reader Poll Monday!

1. What’s the next holiday/event you’re really looking forward to celebrating?

I hear I have a wedding to look forward to in December. Otherwise, I hate holidays — give me an event any day instead. I’d also love to say I’d be celebrating my housewarming, but I’m still not sure where that’d even take place.

2. If you had to choose, what would be your favorite gadget?

That I own? Coffee press. I *~*heart*~* kitchen gadgetry because it’s not necessarily all about the latest-and-greatest stuff but, rather, what you DO with it.

3. What magazines do you subscribe to?

Cosmopolitan and a trade newspaper that keeps me up-to-date on work-related issues.

4. How often do you floss your teeth?

About as often as I give my very-squeamish cats a bath. Draw your own conclusions.

5. When is the last time you sent/received flowers?

I sent flowers to my friend Shan on Mother’s Day. I hope I also remembered to send some to MY mom!!!

6. What is your favorite breakfast?

If it’s a place, it’s gotta be Pamela’s or DeLuca’s in Pittsburgh. If it’s a food, then sausage — I don’t really care what goes with it.

7. Are you a lip balm addict?

I’ve got 13 different tubes at work, one in the car and three in my purse. You could say I’m addicted.

8. If forced to choose, would you rather have an active sex life without the possibility of ever having an orgasm, or have fantastic orgasms but be forced to remain celibate?

Let me put it this way: I am already in one of those categories. And I strangely miss it when I was in the other one.

9. What would you do right now with $50?

I’d be at Bed, Bath and Beyond buying a shower curtain (although the photo doesn’t do it justice).

10. Ask me something.

McDreamy or Preston?

One Lonely Response to It beats telling you about the meltdown I had in CVS 20 minutes ago …

  1. Neil Morse :

    I say bring back McSteamy! Why’d they just drop him after one episode? I too was hoping the dirty mistresses would win for once.