Executive Summary

Thanks to everyone who left me comments and sent me e-mails, wondering why the hell I dropped off the earth. I went back into the 1980s — back to Pittsburgh to visit the family and friends I’ve been nearly lost without.

So without further ado, I:

1. Got laid

2. Visited Two Strikes (the old employer) and got to see all my buddies

3. Got to meet two-week-old Chloe and hold that little bundle of love for hours and hours

4. Played dress-up and colored and read books with 3-year-old Courtney

5. Went to the beach

6. Had Mineo’s Pizza with Lori (my grantwriting partner in crime), threw darts at the Oregon Grille with Brat (see archives from September/October 2001 for the history of that entanglement, which only seems to be continuing in its own bizarre way), went to Chez Capri for lunch with CTL, caught up with Susan and her beautiful little girls (see #3 & 4), took a drive with my grandfather, took a separate drive with Mom and had a lovely chatting session with My Hero (my old boss).

7. Sat in entirely too much traffic on the Beltway and put no less than 800 miles on my dear Samantha Jones

8. Missed Shan, Tiff, and all my loyal readers!

Looking forward to elaborating on all of the above at some future date, as well as catching up on reading all of my favorite blogs that I haven’t seen in two weeks! Love you all!

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