Excelling at mediocrity. Go, me

My new view

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Ever the overachiever, it’s not enough for me to fail at one job … I have to bomb at three!

I think I’m a wee bit overcommitted right now. I really need the safety of multiple income streams. But I’m taking half-assing things to a whole new level. Why can’t THAT count as “excelling at something”?

Tomorrow is my very first payday in a year. Sweet merciful Jesus. Please, God, let me make a habit of getting those again!

What I really want is someone to talk to, and go out and have fun with. (And yes, I’m aware I owe ALL OF YOU a call, text, e-mail, smoke signal, gift, edit, article or whatever else.) Just, someone who knows everything and doesn’t need a backstory.

I lost that person this summer and I’m feeling the void. (Of course, I have also gained two hours a day that we’re not on the phone, so there’s my daily commute.)

Actually, I’m thinking it’s time to think about meeting someone special. Of course, every time I start to think about that, I put it aside and focus on everything else. Because, let’s face it, that means having to do some work on myself. And I’ve put off that work for WAY too long to keep delaying it.

I guess that would mean having to give up a job. Oh well. 🙂 It would be worth it, to have something to look forward to other than payday.

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