ET no phone home

Our phones are down at the Veggie Patch today. So Mailroom Dipshit sends us an e-mail stating that the phones are down till further notice, and if we want him, call him on his cell phone. How, praytell, do we call him if we have no phone service? 😉

I have an interview this morning with someone I can potentially hire. I have nothing planned out — I feel like shit and don’t really plan to keep her long. Frankly, like Shan says, “Never underestimate the power of caring.” Meaning, she can have skills out the wazoo, but anybody can learn anything, if they really want to. Bearing that in mind, I will probably pick the best candidate, based solely on my intuition.

I have interviews all month, which is going to really screw up the paper deadlines. But alas, it’s the price I have to pay now for peace of mind later. Of the 32-plus resumes I received, more than half of the people are out of work. One person sent me a screenplay (because we publish screenplays in the Veggie Patch Gazette — not!). Nearly a third of the responders have 15- to 20-years’ experience in journalism, but they’re willing to settle for an entry-level position and its accompanying dismal salary. I will interview them, but forgive me if I would rather have someone less experienced who will actually respect me as a supervisor and not write me off as some kid who makes a better paycheck than they will, even though they’ve been in the business for as long as I’ve been alive.

One girl I’m interviewing Monday, I have a feeling about. I don’t know why, but when I saw her resume (which isn’t altogether that stellar), I thought, “She’s the one.” Granted, I Googled her and found out that she’s a practicing witch, but other than that, she seems normal. 🙂 I have no problem with witches — in fact, this could make for some interesting getting-to-know-you discussion. But I do wonder about people who clearly make this information available, when potential employers will be looking up their Yahoo! profiles.

I wasn’t able to Google today’s interviewee. She comes off as rather cocky in her resume, but she had a creative approach (i.e., submitting a brochure-style resume with checkboxes, where I could indicate which of her skills I needed her to bring here). I wonder if we’ll butt heads — we sound like we’re very similar in a lot of respects. And we’ll see about that ego, ’cause god knows, after a day at the Patch, you lose your dignity, self-respect and any fledgling strand of ego you might have had when you walked through the doors to Hotel Medicated. 🙂

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