E.T. phone home it in

I know I’ve only been at my new gig for two weeks, but I’m sick of being new. I’m ready to shine. I accept that now.

But how?

Mom pointed out to me that they hired me partly based on who I can be, but probably mostly based on who I was. And we all know that riding on one’s prior successes is a short-lived ride.

I need to top myself somehow.

But, again, how?

I’m starting to form a plan. I’ll get back to you on whether it works.

I thought I could be average for a while. Yeah, “average” doesn’t agree with me. And I’m dangerously close to falling — and staying — in that trap.

And being comfortable was never my style, as though “gnawing at your leg that’s caught in a set of steel jaws to break free” indicates “comfort” in any way.

Lord, give me strength. And world, look out.

And frankly, I think it’s high time to manifest, if not a soulmate, then at least someone I can like. Oddly enough, I think I did that anyway without even trying. Time will tell, but my mind is suddenly wandering to a specific place.

If I were the Goddess of any other year, I would say hell no — focus on work. But today’s Goddess says that being well-rounded doesn’t apply just to one’s pudgy pork roast ass.

Yeah, I’m definitely up to something. A few things. 😉

Who says you can’t have it all or, at least, try like hell and see what happens?

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