Expect no coherence from me tonight, kids. I’m piss drunk from a lovely dinner for nine at Shawn’s casa.

I just can’t believe Paul and Bryan asked me to drive them home — I am toasted. We’re all lucky that I got them — and me — home alive.

Now to smoke my last cigarette and crawl into bed. Or maybe fix another drink or 10. 😉 But I’m a very good drunk driver — the alcohol calms my nerves so that I’m not wigged out whilst driving I-395. I should drink before I commute more often!!!

We had much discussion about romantic relationships (not about mine — shit, I can’t even think about my sordid past). But while sometimes we all feel defective when we’ve been cheated on, dumped or otherwise remained in “singles” mode for far too long, we have to realize that, in fact, we rock … and if folks are too fucking stupid to realize it, it’s their loss.

Now stop me before I go drunken-dialing. … 😉

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