‘Dead Like Me’

As much as I’ve wanted to get rid of Showtime, I can’t because they are really coming up with some great original series ideas. We all know I’m in love with “Out of Order,” and now, we can add “Dead Like Me” to the rotation.

I only saw the last half of the premiere episode this week, but what I learned sparked a great conversation with Shawn over Italian food in Georgetown yesterday. (As an aside, go visit Shawn and leave some comments in his brand-spanking new comment box! Come out and be a Bond Girl!)

The main character in the show was pissed off because, in her first offical role as a grim reaper, she had to take the soul of a beautiful little girl on a train. So when the train crashed, she chose to protect the girl instead of taking her away. She met up with the king of the grim reapers (forgive me, I didn’t learn any of their names), who said that souls expire, and if the soul isn’t taken at the moment of expiration, that person will go on to lead a sad or bitter existence. It’s best to take the soul before it goes bad.

Of course, Shawn and I wonder why the hell nobody has taken OUR souls yet, ’cause we’re as bitter as they come, but I digress. 😉

But this is quite the fascinating insight on why the good supposedly die young. This could be why we all sign DNRs so that, if we’re really on our way out, nobody prolongs our lives unnecessarily.

Eventually, she did take the little girl’s soul, and suddenly, a mystical carnival appeared in the woods where they waited. The little girl ran toward the carnival, and once she reached it, everything evaporated into a pile of stars and fairy dust. The main character tried to run after the girl, but the guy told her no, this is not for her to know. I guess that’s their way of telling us that everyone goes to their own idea of heaven, where their spirits will be happy and fulfilled. It was riveting.

Personally, y’all know I’m not too keen on heaven or hell or afterlives. So that told me that I need to find and make my own heaven here. As do we all.

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