Crap or the cone

I’m very tempted to be crabby about some things. But i got to thinking about a video a friend sent me a long time ago. 

Basically the speaker said in one hand you gave crap. And in the other you have a delicious … melting … ice cream cone. 

Guess which one you should focus on. 

I was just thinking how nice it would be to take some time off to deal with my move. 

But I know to be happy I am able to pull it off in the first place and I could afford the deposits and the movers and the buying of overlapping time and storage units to make it possible. 

It’s hard sometimes to keep myself from thinking about what other people have. Time or more money or help or furniture or whatever. In other words, crap. 

Today I’m trying to zero in on the come. And pray it’s not poop-flavored when I get it. 

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