Nothing better to do

I said I would only post happy things here. But maybe I can interject thoughtful ones too.

A friend posted something on Facebook that got me to thinking.

Out on social media, lots of people started dumping on a girl about her hair. And let me tell you, her hair was big and blonde and full of beachy waves.

So, I personally think the hateful comments stemmed from jealousy.

It got my friend to thinking about being bullied and otherwise made to feel like crap about his hair. And don’t get me started my lifelong battle with mine.

Nor my nitwit neighbor who flaunts his “stylist to the stars” status yet I’ve never seen him on the “Real Housewives of New York” with whom he claims to be BFFs.

But BOY does he have things to say to/about me without ever offering any help.

My thought is this.

My friend and I have known each other forever and ever. And yet it’s only with that Facebook post — made 22.5 years after we first met — that we realize how miserably insecure we both were about certain things at the time.

The same things.

Go figure.

It kind of makes me smile but not in an overly happy way that we were both shy about certain things. And again, some of the same things. And just didn’t reach out to each other because of them.

It makes me sad to know that my friend was hurting about things I didn’t know about. And I imagine, him being the good guy he is, he would probably feel the same way if he knew what I was holding back.

As for what people think about us now, well, trolls will be trolls. In real life or otherwise.

They just don’t matter. And now, they know it. And even though we always knew they didn’t matter, it’s nice that we turned out just fine … and that they can see it right before their mean little eyes.

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