So I have officially been extended an offer to become the official editor of the Veggie Patch Gazette.

The salary will be waaaayyy lower than industry standards. I looked at Demure and asked why they chose to arrive at that number. She said it’s due to budgetary constraints.

I said, well, let me sleep on it. She looked like she was going to shit a brick, that I wasn’t catapulting myself around in joyous epileptic fits.

After I interviewed with Kumquat today, I knew he wanted me to ascend. I wasn’t impressed with the other two candidates that Demure asked me to interview, and even Kumquat told me that he was puzzling over why in the world she would subject me to that. I don’t think he was overly impressed with the others, either. I don’t think Demure wanted me, but in the throes of budget crises, she realized I’d be the cheapest labor.

Offering to hire me was on its way to being the first vote of confidence they gave me, but then Demure told me I can’t hire a staff writer till next fiscal year. ?!?! Does she NOT understand how BURNED OUT I am? And the salary she proposed would be $2K LESS than I am making with a bonus.

Sure, it would look great on a resume, but I have goals, and the proposed salary won’t help me to achieve them. Not that my *usual* salary was doing any wonders for my bank account and debts, though. 🙁

I need to figure out how to negotiate this salary tomorrow. Any advice?

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