Coming out

I gave up being political on this blog because I felt pressure to HAVE to listen to the other side. And I’d rather not have the discussion than sit here reading things that make me mad. And I’m not sure why they tweak me — I guess I just share so much of myself here that I would think it’s clear that I CAN justify anything I say or do, but I don’t WANT to have to provide an explanation for everything.

Sure, discourse can be fun, but you know what? My politics are mine. You’re never going to change my mind, and if you’re not able to expand it, either, then find another blog you agree with. It’s that simple.

Bottom line, I am overly logical at all times. And when I go with my gut/heart, that’s when the discussion is over. And damn it, I already know who’s getting my vote for the Democratic nomination. And I hope she will go on to be president. I’ll do my part to make it happen, damn it.

That said, I LOVE the idea of Chelsea Clinton getting a second stint as First Daughter.

My politics are private. You know I’m a tree-hugger for most issues. You also may know that I do have a fiscally conservative bone in my body — although it may belong to someone else, depending on the day. 😉 But today I say it out loud — I’m a Democrat. I can, will and DO vote Democrat. And unless the party nominee for the upcoming presidential election is a total abomination in my eyes, he or she will have my support.

Politics are important to me when seeking friends and mates. I get SO FUCKING BORED at cocktail parties where these windbags go on and ON about whatever. I listen to a point. And when I feel I’ve encountered someone less concerned about their fellow citizens than they are about their personal ideals, I’m gone.

A friend of mine said of her loving husband, the one thing she’d change about him is his politics. That they sit on opposite sides of the fence, and man, does it piss both of them off. It also irks her that their votes effectively cancel each other’s out. It makes them NOT TALK POLITICS. Which, while we’re all fans of each half of a couple having separate interests, to the point that you can’t share something so personal without it breaking out into domestic world war, well, what’s the point?

I make it clear to people that I’m a liberal, although most times, you can pretty much tell from the surface. 😉 And that’s not to say that I haven’t had some fascinating discussions from the people from the “other side.” I met a gal at a party recently, a devout Republican, who’s probably more in favor of abortion that I currently am.

I mean, I’ll fight to the death for the right for it to exist without restrictions, but personally? I’m inching into my mid-30s. I hear the tick-tock of the clock loud and clear. It’s no longer a choice for me. (Extenuating circumstances aside, of course.) Now boys, I’m not out to trap a man with it. I’m just saying you’d better wrap yourself tight (get it tailor-made, if you wish) because unless you’re a genetic nightmare (and so many of you are — I wouldn’t want to perpetuate the species with your DNA), well, I can probably think of worse things.

I guess I get mad when people don’t vote for the greater good. On the other hand, it’s what we feel strongest about that we will stand tallest for. I don’t know who’s right and I don’t debate the theoreticals anymore because I want action, I want a resolution and I want everyone to get duties assigned to them or we’re never going to get off our duffs and achieve anything. And if we’re not on the same team, I respect that very much but your agenda is yours and mine is mine, and I’d rather share my dreams, goals and ideals with someone who isn’t going to poop on them.

2 Responses to Coming out

  1. Sabre :

    Pet peeve number 743: You explain to a prospective date that you are a progressive type of person, and they tell you that they respect your opinion or some such. And then during dinner they try to force you into seeing things their way. Or worse, insult your intelligence by telling you that if you just need guidance. Or that you aren’t -really- a progressive feminist, you are just let down by bad previous relationships.

    At my age, I’m pretty sure I know what my damn politics are, thank you very much. Yay for not being on the dating scene anymore, because that one? Drove me batshit insane.

  2. The Goddess :

    It’s not enough that you say that you have strong convictions. They expect you to bend over backward and crack your head open off the pavement to prove it. Just so they can rip you down while you’re weakened so they can tel you how wrong they think you are. The correct response to, “I am very much in favor of national healthcare” isn’t “You stupid bitch and here’s why you’re wrong,” but, instead, “That’s an interesting viewpoint. Do you have a personal experience that influences your beliefs?”

    In other words, pull yer head outta yer ass and learn something!