Catty bitch

I took a small break from reading Obama/Biden memes (the only thing I haven’t blocked before books get banned and intelligent thought gets laid to rest) to see something interesting on that social platform thing. 

Recently, a friend proclaimed she finally got a man. Her life’s dream. Waited 43 years for this blessed event. 

She finally posted a photo, too. Took her long enough. 

So, yeah. I see she’s doing that over-40/settling thing I tried not too long ago. 

Just what I don’t want. Dopey man and dopey kids. All about sports. I don’t see an ex which means there’s no hope of offloading the little cherubs for goddess time. 

It’s times like this when I regret feeling like having mom cramped my style and that I missed my window of opportunity to get a good man. I don’t have to deal with some dope. Never did. Never will. 

She’s so goddamned gorgeous. She can do so much better than this. 

I hope, by the time I’m ready, I still can too. 

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