Captain O

Captain O

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Anyone who went to school in Pittsburgh probably knows Captain O, the face of The O (restaurant) in Oakland. In my day (and it wasn’t that long ago!) you could get $4 large pizzas that were not much more than cardboard with cheese, but when you were broke, nothing tasted better.

(Incidentally, Captain O reminds me of “Captain Condom,” about whom we saw movies in ninth-grade health classes.)

Anyway, I was never a fan of the hot dogs, but I used to think the burgers were out of this world. That is, until the D.C.-based Five Guys opened up right next door to The O in November ’05. 😉

The real reason to trek to The O was for the fries, as a “small” order was enough to feed four people. Crispy, greasy and bountiful — three of the six food groups of the average college student. (The other three being caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol.)

The joy for those of yinz who spent half your adolescence there as well was the vat o’ hot Cheez Wiz that you could order as a side. (It’s now $1.50 — they know how to make their money! I swear it used to cost a third of that.) And now, they’ve introduced gravy and Ranch dressing (*slobber*) as well.

I’d so kill for a fry right now. …

One Lonely Response to Captain O

  1. chris :

    You just took me for a ride in the wayback machine.
    I’m thisclose to roadtripping.

    And in all seriousness, I’m praying and pulling for your grandfather. I know how close you two are and how much you mean to eachother. You need me, call me.