Can’t. Stay. Awake…

Heart of Palm

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The Tired has finally hit.

Lots of travel, lots of standing around, lots of rushing from here to there, lots of “deadline? what deadline?” and lots of emotional upheaval has left a bitch in an exhausted state.

And don’t talk to me about today’s nine-page to-do list. Just, don’t. Don’t wanna. Waaah!

Am going to go lose myself in our CMS. Because THAT cheers a bitch up.

The saying “when it rains, it pours” is proving to be an understatement in my life. Oh. My. God. How is it that life can get stuck in a groove for years, and then suddenly it’s upside-down, turned-around and scattered seven ways to Sunday?

Oh well. Say O HAI to the palm tree that was right outside my hotel balcony last week. I am posting it because I need to remind myself that while we all have the monumental stuff and the decisions we have to make — things that can drive us batshit as we turn them over and over in our heads — it’s the little moments of color and clarity along the way that keep us sane.

Disclaimer: Today’s relentless droning sponsored by Meetings, and not enough sleep.

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