Can’t say I wasn’t ready 

Ok. So, I found out today that a lot of my neighbors are really nice. 

Not jackass upstairs, who went apeshit at 1:30 am and again at 8:42 am. But mom and I took a walk tonight and people were wishing us a happy thanksgiving out their car windows. And several people stopped to talk. 

They must be new here. Or moved by the spirit. But either way, I like it here. And that means the giant meteor is circling. 

I am also going to Key West next week. It was six years ago I booked a December trip there and got shitcanned. I’ve already canceled two trips there this year and have that same terror of having history repeating itself. 

I got to talking with one of my favorite people in my field. Exchanging ideas and really dreaming big. Both of us really jazzed and energized afterward. And I felt like I’ll be ok.  

Not sure what ok looks like. But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that being ok is a foregone conclusion when it comes to me. Even if I have to list myself as Mexican to get my ass deported there, so be it. 

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