20 minutes in my life

I was driving merrily along on Braddock Beach Boulevard, with nary a car behind me for miles …

When suddenly a big truck covered in Trump/Pence stickers practically hitches itself to my back bumper.

Meanwhile I have a string of cars in front of me, going nice and slow. But I need to turn right within a half-mile, so I am staying calm and put.

Well, as calm as I could with Crazy behind me. She was purposely gunning it and pretending to nudge around me and GLARING at me in my mirror.

When the turning lane appeared, I hopped over and looked to see her on my left. Pointing at my “Love Trumps Hate” sticker and shooting me the finger.


I drive my half-terrified/half-raging ass to Starbucks. Where I meet a wonderful elderly fraud lawyer from Ohio who says business is booming because “There are more scumbags per square foot in Florida than anywhere else.”

You don’t say …

Interesting how I want to burn down the world and then get my faith in it restored within a timespan of 20 minutes.

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