It’s the official first day of my new life.

Bought a new dress and everything.

From Macy’s. May it soon rest in peace.

Macy’s, not the Tommy dress.

In any event, I’ve gotten well wishes today from seven old colleagues.

I rode out on a parade float. Could not have asked for a better job, boss or send-off.

My cup ranneth over when a friend saw I left behind my blue butterfly. Asked if she could have it. I was so touched.

I said yes and take something else I left because that’s even more you.

I left a couple other things too. So bittersweet to hear of people wandering in, seeing my beloved space empty and feeling sad at my absence.

It didn’t have to be this way.

But it is.

Funny how things happen that you never think will change you. But they end up changing everything.

Like your peace. Your patience. Your values. The way you look at certain people and situations.

Today I thank the universe for all the gifts it has given me. Even the gifts I’ve returned or that otherwise opted to go to the recycle bin, dumpster fire or wherever previously loved things go.

Thank you for serving your purpose. And leading me closer to mine.

And an unexpected cheers to the old friends who have come back into my life either because of my life change or simply as a sign that I’m on a good path.

There are more of those than I expected here. And one fewer where I was.

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