Too tired to complain about much today. Long workday. “Friends” and “Will and Grace” were good. I’m still puzzling over why the season finale of “ER” had to be about some African missionary trip for Luka and John — last week’s episode was so damn good, it should have been the finale.

I have eight hours of supervisory training next week, and I’ve raised concerns for weeks with my superiors that it’s smack-dab in production week (this, after weeks of mindless meetings that are resulting in me being way behind on all of my stories, which were due at 5 today but will be done after I work all this weekend). Finally, I sent a memo to Frosty and Demure, noting that now that I know there will be a second training with a different group of people, I think it would be in everyone’s best interests if I switched spots with someone from a different training group so that I can work on the paper.

I didn’t think this was such a difficult request, but I was notified by Frosty that only Demure can make that decision. And Demure was gone for the day at the time of my request, which was made at nearly 7 p.m. tonight.

Tomorrow, I have to attend this ridiculous Ice Cream Social at 2 p.m. to hang out with my colleagues and the past, present and future presidents. Jesus H. It’s a lovely idea in theory, but no one really has a clue that while I do have some precious downtime during the month, it’s just not now. I have brought this up time and again, that anything happening between the 10th and 28th of any given month should not require my attendance. And god help me if they want me to take photos, because I’ve seen photos of these events, and seeing my piggish colleagues gobbling down ice cream is enough to make me want to throw up.

Today, we had an awards ceremony that I had to attend, as resident shutterbug. And I interviewed the person later, so all in all, that was an hour and a half out of my life. And then film developing was another hour, but I ended up getting a great deal on two outfits at Hecht’s, which I needed ’cause nothing fits and I found two skirts I can sit down in without asphyxiating. I’m also applying tan-in-a-can right now, even though I will still have to wear pantyhose tomorrow. Damn it. I now keep three changes of clothes at work, because like today, at 5 p.m. I ripped off the hose, put on some shorts and sneakers and felt much better. Tomorrow at 5 will be no different, I assure you!

But back to my piggy colleagues. We had muffins and danishes and bagels and coffee today, but of course, they only ordered enough for one item per person. I opted not to eat during the presentation, and when I went back to the table after the event, everything was gone … because the pigs were carrying off pastries in their purses for later. Gee, maybe some of us (the special guests included) didn’t want to be chomping down while our influentials were speaking? Sheesh. Not a big deal, by any means, but then again, these are the same assholes who stick their fingers into all of the buffet trays when we have special luncheons. Gaah. I shudder to see ice cream all over their little piggy faces tomorrow, because I know I’m gonna be appalled.

Will my stories get done? Sure they will. They always do. But their quality is affected when I don’t have time to concentrate on them. My interviews are done and it’s a matter of making my stories make sense, at this point, even though I am not overly capable of making much sense. And it sucks that, as soon as one paper is done, I have exactly two days to myself before the whole stupid process recurs again for next month.

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