‘As far from God as heaven is wide’

It doesn’t feel like Christmas. But that won’t stop me from decorating with festive pierogies. 

Or ornaments from both my hometowns. 

Or seashells. 

The tree is a work in progress. I liked it better when it overlooked the Intracoastal Waterway. This corner next to my couch makes me sad. 

I’ve dreamed of Pittsburgh every night for the past two weeks. I have another Pittsburgh ornament coming in the mail, and a glittery Steelers shirt too. Yay Etsy and eBay for the only presents I will get. 

Except for the wine coming from California of course. That I will actually receive this year because it isn’t going to my house. So there’s that. 

I got a nice note from one of my former boys. So there’s that too. 

I just don’t feel like my higher power and I are on the best of terms right now. I mean I haven’t done anything stupid or evil or anything. But I haven’t attempted anything awesome either. So how can I witness a miracle when I’m not out looking for one? 

And do I even believe in them anymore?

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