Math problems

I’ve lain awake for the past several nights, wondering how to afford healthcare now that enrollment is open again.

The cheapest quote I can find is $500 a month for a crap plan.

Where in the everloving hell am I going to come up with that?

Freelance? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I am finally getting some apartment-hunting help. And the one-bedroom option is $50 cheaper than my two-bedroom. Because, everyone wants to bunk with their mom and a cat.

I figured it out. What I need to do is quit my job and/or take a pay cut to go into a lower tax bracket. Then I can get a subsidy.

Honestly, the math actually works out.

Of course, I’d never be able to afford a better apartment. Or the one I have, for that matter.

But, it’s either that or leaving town. Or the country. Which, I am 1,000% open to …

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