Ah, Samantha. …

Favorite “Sex and the City” quotes, both from our beloved Samantha Jones:

“It’s TGI Fuck Day!”

“It’s pathetic how far a gal will go for a good fuck.”

Jerry Jerrod, the waiter who quit his job to make $30/week as an actor, is now the dashing and debonair Smith Jerrod, the off-Broadway actor whose stardom in “New Moon” had him mooning us lucky viewers with that squeezable ass of his. *yum*

Carrie asked the age-old question about whether men can truly stand it when a female is more successful than him. My personal answer is *no,* having dated guys both within and outside of whatever companies I’ve worked in, and they’ve all had a problem with authority outside of the bedroom, if I happened to be the one making more money. At any rate, Carrie corroborated my predicament when Burger lost his two-book option, due to dismal sales of the first one — meanwhile, she scored a $21K advance for the European publishing rights to her book, and she treated herself and Burger to Prada, which made him way uncomfortable and a tad bit unbearable.

See, that’s why you never date somebody in the same field as you. If one’s career is soaring and the other is swirling around the sewers of the Hudson River, faking an orgasm is infinitely easier than faking excitement over the other person’s career, especially when yours is the one on the speeding bullet train to hell. 🙂

Miranda got suckered into helping Steve to bake cupcakes for what she assumed would be for the baby’s playground friends. Oh, but no. She helped to bake 20 cupcakes for Steve’s new girlfriend’s birthday — 20 to spell out “Happy Birthday Debbie.” To die! I would have slipped chocolate Ex-Lax or diaper remnants into them somehow. She found out too late to leave gracefully, and then when he left to go to work, she called Carrie for support. Carrie advised her to put the icing down and to leave. She told Miranda to say she had a baby emergency — and isn’t that what babies are for?

Poor Carrie got stuck riding on Burger’s motorcycle to Smith Jerrod’s big naked premiere in Brooklyn — Carrie looked lovely in her black-and-brown Prada dress and the four-foot-long purse with the bangle handles, but she looked like crap when she took off her helmet and was about to be photographed by the paparazzi. But, she reasoned, you have to go along with whatever the sagging male ego dictates, in order to keep the peace. But they did have a minor blowout, and Burger ended up leaving. But luckily, the ever-charming Stanford Blatch, her loving “gay husband,” came out of nowhere to be her escort and to take Burger’s seat.

Charlotte met Carrie’s Prada salesman, which she’d originally protested because he’s not Jewish. Poor Charlotte. It seems a waste to have given up her religion for a guy who ran screaming. I feel like Harry will come crawling back eventually. They always do, when they realize what a treasure they’d lost. 😉 Although we need to figure out how to make Steve get rid of Dipshit and realize that Miranda is too uber-fabulous for him to let get away from him.

Samantha was just pleased as punch to have given Smith Jerrod and his play a fine Manhattan-esque publicity buildup, and she was shocked in the end that — in addition to a beautiful naked dick to watch throughout the play, he could actually act. He’s a pretty boy, and definitely easy on my eyes! What I wouldn’t have given to have been privy to the *full frontal* view!!! 😉

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