A step … forward, backward, sideways … who the hell knows?

My big interview is in a few short hours! I’m nervous/excited/nauseated/liberated all at once.

I like Alexandria.Shawn lives in the Landmark area. There ain’t much to do right around here, but it’s safe, clean, and accessible to I-395, and it’s a mere stone’s throw from the Capitol.

Fun, fun weekend. Surreal. I even met someone! (although we all know that I am thinking about someone else, I’ll admit!) I spent some time missing that certain someone, but my vision is very much forward-facing. I want a life with him in it, but with or without him, I must have a life nonetheless.

My future hinges on today’s interview. Will they like me, take to me and want to woo me to DC? Or will they ask Shawn what kind of crack rock he was smoking when he recommended they interview me?

Lunched with Lab Rat and Cortana yesterday. ‘Twas really nice to have a bit of Pittsburgh here in DC with me. I’m not homesick … just sentimental, I guess. I feel like an alien invader this weekend. Shawn and Mikey and their friends have been wonderful, but really, I’m only crashing in their world, which is quite unlike mine. When/if I do move down here, it will be nice to have friends here, but again, it’s still their world, and I will create my own. I’ve already asked Cortana about young professionals groups (happy hour/social scene/Party Geek-esque groups). He either knows all the right people or knows how to get to them … it’s nice to know that there is a strong, helping hand out there waiting. It’s been rough, doing it all myself, for all these years. Dawn A. always tells me that I’m too stubborn and too proud to not only ask for help, but insist on it when I need it. What Dawn A. may never come to understand is that when help is offered, it comes through. When it is begged for, it is not always extended and when it is, it isn’t always sincere.

At any rate, Dawn A. may just join Rob in Baltimore/Annapolis. A bad idea? Perhaps. But maybe not. We all need to move forward. Maybe this is what they need. Or not. But who am I to judge? Besides, Annapolis is only an hour from here, and I’ll take all the friends in the area that I can get!!!

I’m falling in love with this area (minus the Capital Beltway — oy vey! What a nightmare, to have to travel that every day of one’s life!). I wonder what Pittsburgh will look like as I drive into it tonight. Aesthetically, the Pittsburgh skyline is the most breathtaking I’ve seen, but perhaps it’s what’s inside the city that counts. It’s the job opportunities, diverse mix of people, and all that other jazz that matters, not the pretty buildings and lights.

At any rate, tune in soon for the job update!!!!

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