A new lease on life, sort of

Through the looking glass

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Now, I am a good Christian girl (stop laughing!) and I enjoy going to church. But as I started driving there yesterday, I got ants in my pants and decided to head to Fort Lauderdale instead.

And I had a great day.

Something in my head sort of broke free around Thanksgiving. Perhaps it was hearing about that poor man who died because a bridge tender didn’t see him on the drawbridge.

Perhaps it was reconnecting with ghosts from my past … and maybe that encounter with the Ghost of Christmas Future, as well.

Anyway, I realized that this life is too damn short to wish it away.

And maybe it’s the meds, but I feel my sense of adventure coming back. My spunk — O HAI nice to reacquaint ourselves again, kthx.

I suddenly have a list of things I want to do here in ol’ Floriduh. Sure, money’s tight (two fucking rents. Killing me). But road trips are free, save for the gas money. And the hotels and other stuff like that. 😉

But I’ve got to be grateful that Mom isn’t in worse shape. She isn’t bedridden and I don’t have to babysit her 24/7, though she’d like that. And she’s so damn appreciative of riding shotgun and seeing the world through my eyes.

Going to Lauderdale yesterday, you’d think I’d given her the most-expensive gift in the world. We basically ate lunch and wandered through the area.

My grandfather was like that. Everything you gave him, did for him, thought of with him in mind … he treated it like a treasure. Drove me nuts then, and drives me nuts now when Mom does it. Mostly because A) I don’t need a thank-you parade and B) I was probably pissed off at their very existence at some point during the process, so I feel bad.

Anyway, I don’t know where I’m going with this. Well, I do. I’m trying to come up with the next great (affordable) adventure, since I’m broke till next payday. But as long as I have $26 to fill my tank, I’m the richest girl in the road, with the road wide open in front of me.

I’m gonna live this life if it kills me, damn it. 😉

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