Spent from 2:30 a.m. till 5 a.m. last nite at IKEA Boy’s house, in aftermath of yet another domestic drama, only to come home, view some porn, fall asleep and be awakened by cell phone ringing at 6:30 a.m. (alas, it wasn’t IKEA Boy again, but work). Gaaaaaaah. I was asked to be in at 7:30 a.m., so I said sure, no problem. So I reset my alarm (so I thought) and figured I’d snooze for a half hour.

So at 8:30 a.m., the cell phone rang again. M. McB. was asking where the hell I was. Ooops. I tossed myself together and was there by 9, where (thankfully) the magazine looked awesome. Normally, I spend four or five hours at the print shop on press days, but I was out within 20 minutes. They asked if I wanted to stay longer, like usual, but I said hell no — I wanted to get to sleep.

So, I wandered out to Panera for a raspberry-and-chocolate bagel with raspberry cream cheese (mmmm) and some decaf hazelnut coffee. Well, I fell asleep for a moment while I was getting my coffee, and I succeeded in flooding my cup, the counter and the floor with scathing hot brown liquid. My hand has a big red burn mark, but ask me if I feel it. Just ask. Okay, fine — I can’t feel a fuckin’ thing. 🙂

I decided to wash Samantha Jones, in honor of her birthday. It was quite a fluke, actually, as I was getting gas and the electronic screen at the pump offered me a discounted car wash. I figured, sure, why not. So we went through an automatic wash, which of course didn’t dry her, so I spent a half hour and used my three “trunk towels” to spiff her up. And in my short-short skirt, I attracted some attention and ended up talking with a guy for awhile. 🙂

Well, I realized that I had a check for tens of thousands of dollars, sitting in my vehicle, for the press company, so I drove through the hideously dusty-and-muddy Industrial Park to give them their money. Samantha’s glittery indigo paint was COVERED in chalk-white dust. ARGH!!!!! I came home, spiffed her up AGAIN, washed towels and picked up Shan for lunch (another day-o-meltdowns for her, unfortunately). Everyone in the office looked at me funny, as I was breaking at least six different rules of the dress code, and I thought I heard Yellow-Haired Bitch and O sniggering after I walked past them. Screw ’em — I’m cuter than them both combined. 🙂

Anyway, Shan and I had a good lunch of beer, ranch dressing and a large dripping cheeseburger-and-fries greaserfest at Ruby Tuesday. Mmmm. Thanks for lunch, Shan!!!

So, as the past 12 hours had been all about being there for/with my friends, I decided to pamper myself with a trip to the Dollar Store. Yay! Ten bucks later, and I feel like a new woman. I’m such a cheap date. LOL. I still feel like cat shit, though (it takes more than three hours of sleep to preserve this princess. lol). I know it’s only 6 p.m., but I think I’m going to retire early this evening. Although … I advised IKEA Boy to change the locks at his house tonight, and I think I’d better keep the phone close at hand, just in case. …

Oh, as if today’s comedy of errors didn’t sound like enough, last night, after picking up shards of glass for what seemed like an hour (with no cuts, mind you), Jynxie jumped up on me, peed on my shirt and drew blood from my arm with one of his paws. Hee hee hee. Crap. Aaaah, the thanks I get from my nephew. … 🙂

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