“And if you ask me,

I’ll keep saying that I am fine

So just don’t ask.

And if you see me,

I’ll keep flashing that winning smile

‘Cause that’s my mask.”

— Tara MacLean, “That’s Me” —

I’m tired of pretending things are all right, when they’re not. And acting like I give a shit about people and things when I don’t have the heart to care about anything related to my own life. Or maybe it’s that I care too much about my issues that I just want to smack other people till they fall silent and retreat. For awhile, I thought I was on the right track and that I was making the right decisions … I’ve come to the conclusion that I am going to spend the rest of my days convincing others … and myself … that my decisions were the best ones that could have been made. And concurrently, I’ll work on undoing the damage that I’ve done.

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