Inspired by hour-and-a-half at gym yesterday, I scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen floors, took out four loads of trash and washed 12 loads of laundry. Also tidied up the living area and moved stuff to new places (i.e., out of the walkway). The living/dining area needs a facelift (420 — your thoughts?), but at this point, making each area livable was the goal. All in all, I rock!

Also updated my personal ad on (I’m Cavalier103). Must wait 24 hours for new-and-improved version to appear. Meanwhile, visited RK’s supposedly defunct ad … he’s chosen to have it public again. How sweet. It’s supposedly updated, too. Looked at his picture and saw a stranger’s face again. Oh well. I tried … I really thought he was going to turn out to be somebody special. And perhaps he is, but the planets weren’t in alignment or some shit like that. It just sucks when you really decide that you’ve found a non-loser, and he apparently isn’t as wonderful as you would have hoped because he seems to have no problem letting you spend Saturday nights alone. Like I’ve always said with the (few) guys about whom I’ve cared: If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. And if it isn’t … well … NEXT!!!

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