So SM gave me this book to read, “Stop Getting Dumped,” by Lisa Daily. It has given her all these brilliant ideas for side businesses we should launch, and while I too am inspired to help others to date, mate and relate, I now realize that I have done EVERYTHING wrong in my dating life.

Essentially, gals, don’t call your men, don’t return their calls, don’t pay for anything, don’t sleep with them for the first month and don’t hesitate to move on when they can’t meet this minimum criteria. Damn. Okay, so no more first-date sex (:::sob:::), which sucks because even if you know there will be no second date, you might as well end the first date with a bang, so to speak, right?!?! lol. But she’s got a point when she says that the potential good guy might think that you do this with everyone (::slapping self on head:: … could this be why RK has, for all his talk of being annoyed that girls don’t always give him a second date, hasn’t exactly contacted ME for a second date? Even though he still IMs about twice a week?!?!).

Anyway, SM and I are plotting this huge self-improvement plan, that includes:

1. Earn allies at work and stun them with our capability, insights and congeniality,

2. Working out, losing weight and getting in shape,

3. Starting some side businesses so that eventually we may work for ourselves (like we say, we’re working for someone else’s dreams right now),

4. Finding and keeping “Mr. Right” and accepting nothing less than the best,

5. Making the most of our time at our current employer, and

6. Loving life. Period.

We each have our individual goals, like subscribing to (and reading) publications that will sharpen our minds and skills, keeping the home (me) or the car (SM) presentable and organized. From improving eating and workout habits to breaking out of negative thinking patterns to turning a profit on things we already enjoy doing, we’re planning to turn the world on its ass.

Her enthusiasm is contagious. Already, 420 Boy, inspired by SM’s encouragement for him to start a decorating business, is starting to formulate a very good game plan for launching his project. He already has a client, a high-profile one in the artistic community, at that, and we’re already chatting about how to get that person to serve as a reference and referral source.

Attention Geeks: 420 is in need of a Website … who wants to volunteer their talents? We’re talking photos, testimonials, etc. … not high-tech stuff (yet, anyway). Perhaps we can work out a trade (i.e., you get a professionally decorated room in exchange for your time)? Whaddaya think? Comments, please!!!

Well kids, off to the gym for the very first time!!!

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