My mind is everwhere today. Learned more about Alexandria, in taking 420 to/from Mt. Vernon Hospital. Went to Krispy Kreme (a good thing!). Mmm … doughnuts (::said in my best Homer Simpson impersonation::).

Horoscope said today might be a day that I fall in love. Yeah, right. I’m immersed in research on drug testing and 420 legalization (the plant, not my friend, for the slow-of-mind!!!) … I could fall in love with a nap, at this point, and probably only that. 😉

Got email from CMU Boy, in response to my second plea for what-the-hell-is-going-on-this-weekend information. I was trying to nicely say that while I’d adore meeting him and seeing Melissa Etheridge, I’d understand (and encourage) him to take another guest. Finally, he responded to basically tell me that this is “too much backflipping” and that perhaps we can talk about attending a show in D.C. together eventually. I was happy. Not that I ever expect to meet this man, BTW, but really, who wants to put 500-plus miles on their car to go to a concert where you don’t even know the person you’re meeting? I’ve seen a photo of him, but I don’t even think I sent one of myself, and I’d hate to drive out to fricking Burgettstown to the Post-Gazette Pavilion just to wait there with no ticket in-hand, hoping that my date showed up. It’s not like he was extending an offer to pick me up or let me meet him at his house … and the concert is, oh, three days away.

Besides, got an offer from SM for a Washington Redskins party at FedEx Field on Saturday. Not like I give a hoot about football (especially if it isn’t the Steelers!), but it sounds like a nice night out for us. 420 keeps saying that I need to quit worrying about the men and concentrate on making/sustaining good friendships in the city I now inhabit. SM was cute … was really worried because she only has two tickets to this event and fears offending 420 by inviting me and not him. I told her that just for the fact that she’s concerned about him will be enough for him — it’s not like he’s a football fanatic — and further, he’d be thrilled that I am not on the road to Pgh to meet the infamous CMU Boy but am instead bonding with a colleague.

RK goes to Boston tomorrow. I need to give a quick call to wish him a safe trip.

No word from CTL, but AssTwit called, outta the bloody blue, last night to share Two Strikes gossip. Our phone line sucks, ‘cuz it was all staticky and nasty, like it is every damn time I use the phone. I think it would behoove me to sit down with Lab Rat one of these days and figure out if we *really* need a home phone, because the phone company sucks donkey dick, and with two dead outlets and a crappy connection anyway, I have no desire to pay the company to come into the apartment to fix the line and jacks when I don’t even use the phone anymore.

The HR queen just walked by … that’s HR as in Huge Rear, not human resources. Lord, that woman’s ass is the size of a small country. She looks like a Teletubby. Jesus H. And she always wears these low-cut shirts (no wonder we’re losing casual dress days for good come Sept. 1) … I told Ollie that when you can see the wrinkles, you know it’s time for her to wear a less revealing shirt. Ollie said that you don’t have to look too far to find wrinkles on her. LOL. Oh, was that mean? hee hee. I’m such a bitch.

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