Charolette says CTL handed in his resignation at Two Strikes today, and that it was tearful. The newest castaway from the Survivor game, indeed. My fear is that, after his 30 days’ notice is up, he may actually move to VA. Good grief, my mind can’t even go into that abyss right now.(:::shudder:::)

Not much news on the RK front. Not certain when we’ll meet again. We chatted today (online, natch) and it was fun. That’s what I need to do … just take it easy and enjoy what I can. And not wonder about the possibilities. …

Had a lovely “girls’ night in” last night with 420, his beloved and SM from work. Just what all of us needed, I’m certain. And we need more nights like that, just laughing and stuffing our faces with good food and good wine. Can’t wait till next time! Oh, god, does that mean I’ll actually have to COOK?!?! 😉

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