Remember the asshole who stood me up on Tuesday? Here’s an email from him that I promptly deleted — like he did to a brilliant one from me, where I casually pointed out that his profile says he’s seeking a “male for casual or serious relationship” (I wasn’t lying … I know he’s into chicks, but the thing really was written incorrectly! Anyway, I listed that line in my email and said that HAD to be why he didn’t want to meet me!). LOL. At any rate, check out the subject line … whatta joke!!!

Subj:    Not a Total Jerk

From:   Misfit Thinker (::appropriate, eh? — Cavalier::)

” ‘Cavalier,’

I want to apologize for what happened earlier in the week.  I am not a total jerk–just mostly when I deal with women.  Actually, I realized this week that I am far from over my previous relationship, and am still in love with my ex-girlfriend.  Not that that excuses my behavior, but I wanted you to know it was not personal.

Jeff ”

Nah, he’s a total jerk. That, and the poster child for the benefits of abortion. 😉 Think of all the women’s lives who would not have been ruined by his existence. If only. … 😉

I wanted to email back that his choice of subject lines in emails to me are consistently off-target, but then again, responding to this dickhead makes it look like I care. Which I don’t. Chapter CLOSED!!!

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