Moments that used to be Memorexed or Kodaked (god, how I hate when nouns are turned into verbs!), are now Blogged. This is such a Blog moment!

Lab Rat is waiting for Puppeteer to permit her into her office chambers … she’s about to hand in her resignation. Word is spreading like wildfire about my own resignation, and now the rumor mill is buzzing about Lab Rat’s. At least Puppeteer’s sister was swift enough to connect the two resignations. The PB called Lori this a.m. to ask if she knew about my resignation and to report that she hears that Lab Rat’s is imminent. Lori said she heard about mine from James, and that she knew nothing about Lab Rat. Lori immediately called me to talk about the call and to say, very mysteriously, that she doesn’t want to be in the middle. What the hell did that mean?

At any rate, Lab Rat has the most stressed-out look on her face. We chatted briefly and commented how sad it is that even though she’s done nothing wrong, it’s still miserable to have to go in to see the Puppeteer, because you never know what to expect or how you will be put down this time. Further, I am sitting here, tense as all hell, too, because I’m sure I’m gonna get hauled in anyway to hear about what a disappointment I am. Whatever. I already gave my resignation, so I will have to make sure that they are legally bound to pay me up till the date I gave (June 21) if they want me to leave. But they won’t ask me to leave, because they will want to milk me for every last minute of work that they can possibly get. Too bad I can’t sue them if/when they make the next 30 days hellish for me, because I am certain that it’s gonna happen. 😉

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