Welcome, Monkey Boy! Thanks for the encouragement on your blog. Your words were just what I needed.

Looks like I need to return the favor today! You say you have no love left. But that is transient … you will be surprised how deeply that well runs, particularly when you reach the point when you think the well has gone dry. There’s a teeny, tiny bit of hope left in there somewhere, and while you’re not looking, it will regenerate until the well is full again.

Everybody says that when you stop looking for love, it magically comes to you. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been “not looking” for about six months now, so where the hell is it?!?! lol I’m in my “upper” (sigh) 20s, which is not old by any means, but sometimes it feels that way, especially when your younger friends are having more success in love. What I am hoping that means is that by the time Cupid finally finds our doors, we will get a better quality partner who will stick around for the long run, in a way that the others had not, up until that point. (Are you outside, trying to flag Cupid down with a butterfly net? Oh, wait … that’s just me!)

This is fairly optimistic of me, considering my last few posts. But you said yourself that no one is replacable, and that those who know us now are taking advantage of how wonderful is it to know us, right? You’re intelligent and insightful (at least, in your posts you are! I don’t know you outside of those.) 😉 At any rate, what we can hope for is that the friends we have (who know how damn cool we are) can help us in our search for peace. And if they can introduce us to someone of the opposite sex, even better!

Keep your chin up, and keep on keepin’ on. This, too, shall pass.

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