“The sun has kissed your face

Your tears in my hair

You say it’s time to go, my friend

You feel it in the air

Like the moon upon the water

Gives diamonds to the sea

And I pray that when the snow is gone

You’ll return to me

Through this bitter, bitter cold

I always thought that I’d have you to hold me

Hold me through the storm

And keep me warm

Through this bitter, bitter cold.”

— Tara MacLean, “In the Wings” —

“What are we doing here

Naked on the floor

‘Cause I want more.”

— Tara MacLean, “More” —

“And though you never will be mine

I will live to know

That you have touched me

Once upon a time.”

— Tara MacLean, “For You” —

“If you could see me now

I wonder what you’d say

Would you turn to smile at me

Would you turn away

And you will never know until you’re

Standing in my shoes

Just how much you can love someone

And how much you can lose

And if I could make you turn around

And see how we were then

Just one look into my eyes

You’d fall in love again

If you could see me now.”

— Tara MacLean, “If You Could” —

“Walking along on this highway of shame

Tied to the tracks, expecting a train

So much to lose, no one to blame

But me.

That’s me.”

— Tara MacLean, “That’s Me” —

“Oh, funny how

We spent this time waiting around

It’s a lie

Everything you felt till now.

Same place I’ve always been

Just lost on these roads again

Just as I got near the end

I keep falling in the holes you left in me.”

— Tara MacLean, “Jericho” —

“Do I stay and do I fight

Is it wrong when nothing’s right, oh

Is it just the closet light

I leave on for you.

Oh leaves they fall, they go

So far sometimes

Do I blame the wind

Or the tree that let them go

Or do I

Wave goodbye


— Tara MacLean, “Settling” —

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