I’m pissed. I just wrote a mammoth, slightly intellectual blog, and it’s all gone. Down the shitter. Fuck you, Macintosh OS 8.6 for crashing on me just as I hit “post & publish.” Damn you to hell!!!

Anyway, I will give a shorter, less interesting post. The Incoherent Twit got an A on her final paper for her advertising class. I read one page and got a migraine, which incapacitated me from reading till page 16. She told me not to edit it (why would I edit it, when that would result in her getting a better grade?). I was feeling pity for this professor till IT bragged about her stupid grade.

That led me to rant about professors who let students with substandard efforts and abilities to coast through their classes, with no real guidance or support. Perhaps it’s a tad hypocritical on my part (god knows I missed 85 percent of my classes and I breezed by with high grades; further, I tossed term papers together in three days or less and got As as well). However, educators do a real disservice by passing students who turn in incoherent bullshit, and to give her an A on that paper was just a sacrilige. Bad teacher! Bad, bad!!!

The real injustice occurs when these kids end up working for people like me, who have a low tolerance for poor efforts. The Doc has told me I’m too much of a perfectionist and that I have to allow for deficiencies in the Incoherent Twit’s writing and verbal ability, because she grew up in the ‘hood and didn’t have the educational opportunities that other children might have had. Guess what, sugar, I went to public school just like most other Americans, and my grammar is perfect (or damn near it!). I should not have to allow someone who was hired as a writer for my department to be able to crank out the waste that she produces. And the Incoherent Twit is so fucking proud of everything she does, it’s just sickening.

IT graduated college with a 3.6 GPA, which impressed the hell out of The Doc. But I have always wondered if her professors had let her slide, because I don’t know if she learned much of anything at college, because I find myself trying to teach her simple skills that anyone who graduated with a B.A. in journalism should possess. (I should know; I have the same degree in the same major.) Is her new professor being as lax as her previous ones?

This says nothing of the abnormally high standard to which I myself am held at work. I am expected to produce stellar work, and I give them nothing less. Well, I give them less when I have to have IT work on projects alongside me … after all, I must allow for “deficiencies.” (i.e., excrement is fine from her, but all my Ts must be crossed or I hear about it for weeks.)

Anyway, this post is nowhere near as good as the last, but I’m gonna try hitting “post & publish” anyway. Here’s to hoping I don’t lose THIS version. Guys, allow for some “deficiencies” okay?

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