Today has actually been a bearable day at work, so far. Imagine that! F/OM thanked me and complimented me for pulling that fabulous proposal out of my behind. (well, not in so many words, but you get the idea.) I almost feel bad that I will likely submit my resignation within the next two weeks. 🙁

What I will miss: gossip sessions with B. and D. (in the hallway where we sit), making fun of the Incoherent Twit with just about anybody who will listen, my group of “best friends” (SF, BF, DC, KH, SW … we do it to make fun of the Incoherent Twit and HER best friend), and most of all, my smoking and kvetching breaks with the boys, Brat and the self-proclaimed “Cheap Taiwanese Labor.” (I shall refer to him as CTL from now on.)

It was kinda sweet … I spoke briefly about my impending journey and potential new job, and Brat looked at me intensely and said, “So you’re really going to do this?” I said it was looking more and more likely that it was definitely going to happen. I had told him last Sunday, the day I landed the interview, but I guess he didn’t realize how much of a possibility this really is. I looked at him and CTL and I told them that they’d better come down to visit. They both smiled at me, and my heart was so full … they have really become so special to me. I believe everything happens for a reason, and I’ve been struggling with what kind of joke a mythical higher being has been playing on me with this job. Perhaps the reason I landed at ASCI was to meet the people who would get me through. I just hope their support continues long after I walk through the door of the agency for the final time, because I’ve come to depend on it.

So sentimental already, and nothing has even happened. But what I am trying to do is savor the moments while they last. Alexandria is only a few hours away … Lab Rat and I will just have to establish a terrific bachelorette pad, so people will want to come and visit us! God knows we have about four beds, between the two of us. Although I’d much rather prefer the type of guest who stays in MY bed! (preferably male, at any rate!)

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